Senior PHP Developer – PT2002

JOB DESCRIPTION: Senior PHP Developer PT2002


    A bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a related discipline is required to work as a technical lead

  2. REQUIRED SKILLSGeneral requirements:

• Technical leads must have excellent technical and communication abilities in order to successfully perform their job responsibilities.

Specific hard skill requirements:

  • PHP strong demonstrated experience in ecommerce feature and modules implementation
  • Capacity to trouble shoot issues and set-up de-bugging tools
  • Strong skills in code analysis and review
  • Demonstrated experience on platform / code performance issue management
  • Good knowledge on SEO and page optimization best practices
  • Familiar with continuous integration technique and knowledge with version control systems
  • Demonstrated skills for writing technical and functional specifications.Specific soft skills requirements
  • Demonstrated integration and experience on large international program context with geographically scattered teams
  • Proficient in both written and spoken English
  • Demonstrated ability to animate and lead a team of (up to) 5 developers
  • Strong ability in express needs and delegate tasks
  • Demonstrated experience in organizing other people’s work and take ownership of a project.